I’m Judy Sedgeman. My life’s passion for nearly three decades has been awakening creativity, resiliency, and well-being in people through the understanding of Innate Health.  I am a teacher, mentor and consultant in that work.

I served as the Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Leadership (IPPL) at USF Sarasota-Manatee for two years, departing that position in January 2012 to devote myself full-time to global outreach in Innate Health. Before that, I spent nearly 12 years on the faculty of the West Virginia University School of Medicine, where I was Director of an Institute dedicated to Innate Health, and where I  developed and taught courses for the Master’s Program in Public Health. I’m still an Adjunct Professor at WVU, teaching two full graduate courses on-line, both focused on resiliency and mental well-being, as well as a Continuing Education course about Resiliency through WVU Extended Learning. Service to others focused on eliminating stress and accessing resiliency is my passion.

You can access a more complete biography here, but what I most want to share is why I am dedicated to writing this Blog. When I joined WVU, before there was such a thing as a Blog,  I wrote essays called “Reflections” for an e-mail subscription list (proud to say it was the most heavily subscribed list at WVU in its day). You can find a selection of those essays, which were meant to awaken the idea of Innate Health and its significance to the growing Wellness field, here. They were very often requested by people as handouts. I got very busy with teaching and other projects, and stopped writing them after a few years, but I missed the ability to communicate the profound, yet practical, impact of understanding the nature of human psychological functioning.

So I’m thrilled to be able talk about it in this Blog.

What does this have to do with me, you might ask? I would answer, “Everything.” Everything that involves humanity is the product of human thought, and how seriously we take one thought over another, and how well we understand ourselves and other people. We have a long way to go to come to peace, but the only way to reach it is to start the journey, one human being at a time.

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